Demanding that Everyone Stand for the National Anthem Is Phony Patriotism; Putting Your Career on the Line for Your Ideals Is the Real Deal

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Michael Flynn and Steve Bannon Think Islam Is Dead-Set on World Domination, But They Repeat the Arguments Once Used Against Catholics, and the Irish

During the campaign, President Trump made no secrets of his distrust, and even outright hatred, of immigrants, especially Muslims. Many of his closest supporters share similar views. General Michael Flynn, now a National Security Advisor to the President has called Islam a “vicious cancer in the body of all Muslims” and said that it needs to be “excised.”

Steve Bannon, Trump’s primary confidante, and who seems more and more like the real force behind the presidency, has repeatedly described Islam itself as an ideological enemy in almost apocalyptic terms, implying that adherents plan to “colonize” the country, and if left unabated, the world. In short, both seem to agree that Islam is dead-set upon world domination and an existential threat to the United States.

To be sure, I’m guessing they’d agree with a statement like the following:

We believe in the preservation of liberty, the promotion of progress and the advancement of civilization…we believe that the Islamic political machine is the deadliest menace to American liberty and civilization. Muslims openly vow that it is their intention to make America follow Sharia Law, and that on the soil of this republic, made sacred by the blood of our fathers, is to be built an enduring fortress for the most damnable and diabolical religion of which history speaks.

Their aims and purposes are the same the world over—to capture America—and what would happen then is better told in any reliable history of the Crusades than we could possibly tell here.

There’s one catch—the above text isn’t recent, and it’s not even about Muslims. It’s just a summarized version of The Menace, a virulently anti-Catholic newspaper from the 1920s, but with “Catholic” replaced with “Muslim.” Like Bannon and Flynn, the editors of The Menace and its million-plus readers feared a religion of a billion followers whom they described as violent and blindly obedient. (In a way, The Menace was the Breitbart of its day.)

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