Left Hooks Award Nominees

From the Pushcart Prize and the Best of the Net there are plenty of awards out there that accept nominations from smallish venues like Left Hooks. Even though we’re the new kids on the literary block, we’re damn proud of the work we’re running, and we do our best to show that by paying our authors (albeit not that much right now) and trying to get their work out there as much as possible. To that end, we plan to nominate some our authors for prizes when we can.

Pushcart Prize Nominees for 2018 (pieces that ran in 2017)


“Tracers” | Todd Boss

“High School Yearbook Reminiscing” | Daniel Pinkerton

Short Fiction

Kings and Counselors | Randall Brown

I Will Be Remembered by History | Will McCarthy


Celtics Pride | Alejandro Ramirez

Eventually, You Tell Your Kids | Michelle Bowdler

One note about our selection process: I love all of the stuff we publish. I’m usually the one sending the acceptance letters, and far more often than not, the rejections. So if you didn’t get nominated, no worries. It doesn’t mean what you wrote wasn’t great. Usually, it’s more of a matter of yours truly trying to balance out our nominations between genres. With the Pushcart, for instance, we get to choose a whopping six pieces, out of dozens, and I usually want to provide a variety of work, by genre, which necessarily leaves some folks out.