Bid on Rare Books & Help Us Pay Our Authors

Since we launched Left Hooks, I’ve been puzzling over that age-old problem of literary land–how to run a literary website, publish writers, and actually pay them. As of now, we’re actually paying folks, but it’s a pittance, barely enough for bad beer. That’s not good enough. So I’m trying a new tack: Most folks who read/write have decent home libraries, and many dabble in book collecting and rare books. I’m definitely in that latter camp, as I’m always on the hunt for garage sales/estate sales, and especially signed books and first editions. Well, I made a pretty good series of find a few months back, and I’ve decided to sell these on Ebay. The money that I get for them will go to pay authors for Left Hooks. I’m hoping this will generate some interest, and hopefully some cash, which will then go to our authors. You can see our listings here.