After the Roy Moore Allegations, the GOP is More Like the Scandal-Ridden Catholic Church Than a Political Party

You’ve heard this story before. The GOP supported President Trump even after he was accused of sexual assault by many women, and after a video came out in which Trump ostensibly admitted to doing exactly that. And now, thanks to Roy Moore who is accused of molesting a number of young girls, here we are again.

We already know what GOP will do, of course, which is nothing, beyond a few slapdash statements that mention how “troubling” or “unfortunate” the allegations are. After that, they’ll take no action, and it’s easy enough to see why: This is a party that will look past nearly anything to retain its power: sexual assaults, an old archenemy interfering directly in our election, who knows what next. In this respect, the GOP now resembles the Catholic Church during the depths of its molestation scandal more than a governing party. And while the Church has certainly made progress in that regard under Pope Benedict and Pope Francis, the GOP has only fallen further. Once it was the party of Lincoln; today it is the party of perps and alleged pedophiles, and it’s fine with that as long as it remains in power. As it turns out we left the land of governing long ago and now find ourselves amid the duchies and principalities of Machiavelli’s The Prince, where maintaining (and using) power are paramount.

Paul Ryan’s statement after the Texas shooting made that clear enough, “Nothing will derail tax reform.” Other high-ranking Republicans have said as much about Moore: Bibb County GOP Chairman Jerry Pow said he’d vote for Moore even if the allegations were true, rather than supporting a Democrat. Clearly, that is crazy. Pow is saying that it’s better (and presumably more ethical) to support an actual child molester than an opposing political party. And this, from the heart of the Bible Belt.

Predictably enough, in his response to the allegations, Moore struck the pose of the persecuted Christian and bemoaned the “forces of evil” on the rise. He even used the allegations to fundraise. Moore certainly was right about one thing: There are nefarious figures on the rise: one of them will be the GOP nominee on December 12.


Image credit: Pixabay